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                                    2007 Minerals Youth & Adult Leaderboard Shootout



The sign welcoming visitors to artist Ricky Boscarino's Luna Parc Semi Annual Open House.

For more on Luna Parc visit their web site by clicking HERE.

The entrance gate, Buffy & Luna Park staffer

First view of the house...

...which is a real trip...

...and always evolving.

The entrance to the main house...

go in and experience a unique living environment...

...especially the bathroom with the shower in the middle...

... all the colors

...and the out house.

What's that on the roof?

What ever it is it adds tot he interest of Luna Parc.

A mosaic mural about life is a work in progress as are so many other art works at Luna Parc.

A room under construction allows for display of art work.

Yes that's a sculptured fly on the tree.

Got a bowling ball you don't use.  Donate it to Luna Parc.

Some of the art work on the way to Ricky's workshop.

What is it?  Only Ricky knows.

That's an interesting arch.  What is it made of?

Old trophies of course.

Buffy with Ricky.  She loves his ear rings.

Looking at some of the jewelry on display...

...and pottery.

...and lots of other things to make the workshop interesting.

Interested in earrings made of kitchen utensils?

Art work made from old bottles

...and a sign saying "enjoy"  We did and you will.

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